Each person is unique


Each of us has a different learning style and individual learning habits and expectations; each can build on varying degrees of previous experience in the foreign language and each wants to see his own specific needs catered for by a course.


In brief


As customers, each of you expects us to design a course which will fit your needs exactly and which will offer you optimum support in your everyday working life.




This is precisely Antipolis' strong point and its recipe for success: the combination of learner- and customer-specific foreign-language training! Right from the start, the school has regarded placement tests, needs analyses, progress tests and sustained learning development as a matter of course. This is also true of our focus on the broadest-possible range of teaching methods and training priorities.


Our approach


This approach has proved successful: our team now comprises 9 permanent staff and 60 freelancers and, upon customer request, we have started to offer language courses Germany-wide.

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